"The Pilot" is the first episode of

Season One of the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.It was first showen in September 22,1994.It has also has other names,Such as "The One Where Monica Gets A Roomate" or "The One Where It All Began.It is about Rachel running away from her wedding,Ross unable to cope that his wife Carol is an lesbian and Monica's date with Paul The Wine Guy.


Monica,Chandler,Phoebe and Joey are talking about Monica's date Paul.She is trying to say that Paul is some guy she is just dating and nothing else.Later on,Ross apears and tells them he wants to be married again.However,Rachel is seen bursting through the doors of Central Perk looking for Monica.Rachel explains to them that she ran away from her wedding with Barry Farber,Saying she was more turned on by an gravy boat than by Barry.

The gang are up at Monica's,And Rachel is on the phone to her Father and saying she can not marry Barry while the others are watching an spanish soap opera.Rachel then says that she is staying with Monica.

Paul turns up and Monica asks if Ross and Rachel are going to be okay.They say yes and Monica leaves.Phoebe is then seen singing in an subway while Paul and Monica are in their date.Meanwhile,The men are setting up Ross's new apartment,And Ross is freaked that he is divorced.Joey and Chandler suggest dating someone else,As when Joey says "Grab a spoon",And Ross thinks of Rachel.

Rachel is phoneing Barry to tell him how sorry she is,But he keeps hanging up.Meanwhile,Pual reveals he has never had sex since 2 years ago,Monica is in shock,But the two sleap together that night.Rachel makes coffee,Which is disgusting and Joey and Chandler hide the coffee in the plant.When the two say their goodbyes,Rachel,Joey and Chandler hear everything that they are saying.

Monica then learns that Paul only uses the 2 year thing to sleap with girls,As told by her co-worker.At Central Perk,Monica tells them but they do not understand why she never saw it coming.Rachel bursts through the doors with new boots bought by her father's credit card.She is then forced to cut up all her credit cards that night.Ross,Rachel and Monica are watching tv,And Rachel picks up Paul's watch.Monica says put it down and she leaves to go to her bedroom.She smashes the watch in the process.

Ross trys to pick up a date with Rachel and tells her he had an crush on her in high school.She says she knew and they should date later.Ross leaves when Rachel go's to her bed,And Monica asks him what he is doing,Ross's reply "i just grabbed a spoon".The next morning,Rachel gets an job,As an waitress.


  • David Schwimmer was the first one cast,As he had already worked the writers in the past.
  • Courteny Cox was the second one cast.She was meant to play the role of Rachel,But after reading Monica's script,Cox managed to be Monica.
  • Matt LeBlanc was the third one cast.Joey was meant not to be dim,But after LeBlanc performed,They changed his character,
  • Matthew Perry was the fourth one cast.Chandler was meant to be an homosexual,But the writers changed that when they met Perry.
  • Lisa Kudrow was the fifth one cast.Her character was meant to be a secondary character,But was changed.
  • Jennifer Aniston was the last one cast.She was meant to be Monica,But she played for Rachel instead.


When the pilot was first pitched the producers intended Phoebe and Chandler to be secondary characters who provided humor around the other four main characters, though by the time filming began they were a part of the core six. Joey and Chandler were originally written similarly but at the request of Burrows, Joey was "dumbed up a bit". NBC Entertainment president Don Ohlmeyer was worried that the audience would see Monica as "a slut" because she slept with Paul on the first date, but the producers did not share the concern. A questionnaire was issued to the audience after the taping and the results sided with the producers. The same questionnaire was issued to focus groups, whose response was the same as Ohlmeyer's, but the episode went out unaltered. The series was known as Friends Like Us during casting and Six of One at the time of the pilot, but was retitled Friends before broadcast. Several scenes that were cut from the episode were restored when the series went into syndication, bringing the running time to 37 minutes.


  • Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green.Rachel had ran out of her wedding and looking for an place to stay.
  • Courteney Cox as Monica Geller.Monica gets tricked into sleaping with Paul the wine guy.
  • Lisa Kurdrow as Phoebe Buffay.Phoebe only helps Rachel and sings in an subway.
  • Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani.Joey convinces Ross to look for another woman.
  • Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing.Chandler helps Ross build up his new home.
  • David Schwimmer as Ross Geller.Ross is divorced and pannics when thinking he would never find another woman again.
  • John Allen Nelson as Paul The Wine Guy Monica's date.
  • Clea Lewis as Franny The one who tells Monica about Paul.
  • Cynthia Mann The waitress who asks Rachel if she wants coffee.

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