Rachel Green is one of the six main character's in

Friends.She is the mother of Emma Geller Green and has an on off relationship with Ross Geller.She is potrayed by Jennifer Aniston.She first apeared in The Pilot

Early LifeEdit

Rachel Green was a bit of an snob when she was younger.She and her sisters Amy Green and Jill Green got anything they wanted.She was close friends with Monica Geller and Ross had an crush on her since ninth grade.However,She thought him as 'Monica's elder geeky brother'.It was also knowen as that she wet the bed when she was younger.

She went to the prom with Monica and her date Chip Matthews but Chip had sex with someone.Later,Rachel,Monica,Ross and Chandler Bing were in Monica and Ross's house.Monica was called fat and the next year,Rachel told Monica to seduce Chandler and then lock himoutside naked.This fails as Monica cuts his toe off.However,Befour that had happened,Rachel and Monica then met Chandler at an christmas party,And the two kissed,But Rachel was so drunk she never remembered

Some point later,Rachel met Barry Farber and was engaged to him.Rachel then met up with Monica,Who the two had lost contact since school.Rachel had said the first man she met,She and him will have sex for one last shot but Chandler interupts,Hoping to get noticed.Rachel said she did not want to,but she later fell in love with him and met up with once.

She then felt that she was more turned on by an gravy boat than by her barry and fled the wedding and met up with Monica,Chandler,Ross,Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay at Central Perk.She became all friends with them which started Friends.


Rachel was showen more as an brat in the early series.But she later became caring and loyal and this increased when she gave birth to Emma.


Rachel and Monica were close,As they had knowen each other since high school.Even though they had a few fights over pointless things,The two get along.When Rachel had left Barry,Rachel had decided to live with Monica.

Monica was happy that Rachel had fallen in love with Ross and urged her to tell Ross.However,Surprize awaited them that Ross came back from china,With Julie.Due to her stay,Rachel had left letters in the bathroom mirror and Letting Monica share her pair of boots.When Chandler moved in,Monica did not have the heart to tell Rachel,But she took it well,Thinking she will still stay.However,Monica told the truth.When they packed Rachel's things,Monica and Rachel fought of what was bad about eachother,But they wept at the end.


Phoebe is abother close friend,But not as much with Monica.However,It was revealed that when Ross had said that he could not see Rachel anymore,Rachel had chosen Phoebe as the best one and that they and Joey move out and start an new group of friends.

When Chandler moved in with Monica,Rachel had decided to stay with Phoebe.However,Due to an fire that was caused by Rachel,Rachel had moved out and stayed with Joey.However,When the house was built back to normal,There was only one bedroom.Rachel moves out.It was also revealed that of any of them and Monica went out on an date,Phoebe had chosen Rachel.


Joey and Rachel had went along with each other but there were problems.First,When Rachel was pregnant,Joey had an crush on Rachel,Which would never had worked as it would break Ross's heart.When his crush passed away,Rachel had dreamed about going out with Joey after the birth.However,He was dating Charlie Wheeler,But the two spilt up and Rachel and Joey got together.However,Ross found out and became upset.However,He got over the fact.Joey and Rachel spilt after finding out how it would be difficult of them having sex.After moving out from Ross,Rachel had moved to Joey's and stayed there since.


Rachel had first met Chandler during an thanksgiving in the 1980's at the Geller House.Then,It would be at an christmas party,Where the two had kissed by Rachel had no memory of it.The next thanksgiving,Rachel and Monica had once again met Chandler.Rachel told Monica to seduce him as she was now thin.However,This led to Monica cutting Chandler's toe off.

Rachel and Chandler had confided in each other when they needed help.When Rachel's boss,Joanna had shared an likeing to Chandler,Rachel had asked Chandler out with her.This led to problems when Chandler though she was boring.The next time they dated,Chandler was handcuffed to an desk by Joanna.Rachel freed him when he promised never to go out with Joanna.


The friendship with Ross and Rachel was complicated when they started dating.Ross and Rachel started going out when he dumped Julie,But had made an list about the thinks he liked and hated about Rachel,Which she found.Then,It was revealed that he was going to take Rachel out to the prom,But Rachel's date had showen up befour he could get the chance.Near the end of the show,Ross started to have feelings for Rachel all over again,But she was leaveing to Paris with Emma.Ross and Phoebe tracked Rachel down,But Rachel had left but returned.It is likely they had got married.

If they are not going out,They still like to fool around with each other,But one prank had led Rachel and Ross,Drunk,Get married in Vegas,Which surprised them the next morning.Not wanting another divorce,Ross had told Phoebe he did not get the divorce but was later forced by Rachel.


In her childhood,It was revealed she had lots of pets.Down below is the list.

  1. A cat
  2. A dog named La Pooh
  3. A pony
  4. A Turtle
  5. A Tarantula

Some of these pets death are explained.The pony had fallen sick,Which could have been that it died of the illness.The dog,However,Was dragged across 19 blocks,Which to Ross's surprize that the dog was still alive.

The EndEdit

During near the end,Rachel was leaveing to Paris,But did not tell Ross goodbye.Phoebe and Ross had ran over to get Rachel,And Phoebe managed to cause the plane not to move as by saying there was something wrong.Rachel still left,However,When Ross told her he loved her.However,She came back when changeing her mind.The friends then leave the apartment and the last shot if of the peephole.It was likely that Ross and Rachel moved intogether and got married.

Key Events In LifeEdit

  • At somepoint in childhood,Rachel had met Monica Geller.
  • Rachel going to the prom with Chip Matthews,While Ross Geller was going to go with her when Chip never turned up.
  • Chip had slept with someone else during the prom.
  • Went to the Geller house for Thanksgiving.
  • Had snogged Chandler Bing in christmas party,But can't remember it.
  • Had went to the Geller house for thangsgiving,But Monica cut off Chandler's toe.
  • Had gotten engaged to Barry Farber.
  • Met up with Monica again
  • Ran away from her wedding with Barry.
  • Gave Barry her engagement ring back.
  • Fallen in love with Paolo
  • Broke up with Paolo when he tried to make a move on Phoebe Buffay.
  • Finding out that Ross loved her.
  • Finding Ross with his girlfreind Julie
  • Ross finds out and the two kiss in Central Perk
  • Rachel breaks up with Ross when finding out he made a list about what he liked and hated about Rachel.
  • Rachel finds out about her prom what Ross did,And the two date each other again.
  • Became an bridesmaid at Barry and Mindy's wedding.
  • Rachel has her dream job thanks to Mark at Bloomingdale's
  • Because of Mark,Rachel and Ross go on an break and he sleaps with someone.
  • Rachel and Ross break up.
  • Rachel dates Mark and forgives Ross.
  • Monica and Rachel lose their apartment to Joey and Chandler.
  • Rachel's boss,Joanna dies,Which results her moving down to the low department of Bloomingdale's.
  • Falls in love with Joshua,Who is not interested.
  • Rachel introuduces Emily to the gang,And she and Ross date.
  • Rachel hears that Ross and Emily are getting married,Which results her and Joshua breaking up.
  • Rachel go's to london to tell Ross she loves him.
  • Ross says "I Ross, take thee Rachel" to everyone's shock and Emily's anger.
  • Ross tells Rachel about he can not she see Rachel anymore,But later changes his mind.
  • In an interview with Ralph Lauren but kisses the interviewer,Second time she thinks the man wants to kiss her and thirdly,She still gets the job.
  • Rachel and Ross go to Vegas when everyone else is and they play pranks on each another.
  • Rachel and Ross get drunk and get married in Vegas.
  • Ross and Rachel go for divorce.
  • Rachel moves out when Chandler and Monica move in and stays with Phoebe.
  • Phoebe's apartment gets set in fire.
  • Rachel moves in with Joey and finds out Phoebe only has one bed.
  • Ross and Rachel have an one night stand.
  • Rachel finds out she is pregnant in Monica's wedding.
  • Rachel tells Ross and the two move in together.
  • Rachel gives birth to Emma Geller Green
  • Rachel thinks Joey is proposing to her.
  • Ross and Joey argue why would Joey do that.
  • Rachel and Ross fight over having dates,Which results Rachel and Emma living with Joey
  • Rachel falls in love with Joey.
  • Joey steals Ross's crush,Charlie Wheeler,Which upsets Rachel and Ross.
  • Rachel tells Joey and Joey freaks after he dumps Charlie.
  • The two still kiss and Ross finds out.
  • Rachel breaks up with Joey.
  • Rachel gets an job for Paris.
  • Ross and Phoebe rush to the airport to stop Rachel.
  • Rachel gets off the plane when she falls in love with Ross.
  • Rachel lives with Ross.

Alternate WorldEdit

Rachel had married Barry and several years later she meets up with Ross.He takes her to Monica,Who is still fat.Rachel then finds out that they are friends with Joey Tribbiani.Rachel,An big fan of Days Of Our Lifes,Has an major crush on him,Even though she married Barry.When Rachel saw Days of Our Lifes that night,She decided to phone Joey.Later on,In the apartment,Rachel and Joey kiss,But Rachel runs to the bathroom to be sick.Rachel is later disgusted that she would cheat as she is married but Joey gives her an ring as she never cheated when she had the chance.Rachel then go's back home and finds Barry having sex with the neighbor's dog worker.Rachel looks for Joey to have an affair and Ross tells her that Carol is an lesbian.Rachel and Ross decide that their marriages are falling apart.

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