Monica Geller is the youngest daughter of

Jack and Judy Geller.She is the sister of Ross Geller and is best friends with Rachel Green.She and Chandler Bing get married and adopt two children,Jack and Erika Geller Bing.She is potrayed by Courtney Cox-Arquette.

Early LifeEdit

Monica Geller had an diffucult childhood.She was teased by her mother Judy,Was overweight,And Ross was favoured over her.She was best friends with high school popular,Rachel Green.Every Thanksgiving,Ross and Monica were competative over the "Geller Cup",An cup they won if they won an football match.During the sixth,Monica had brokeing Ross's nose,Which resulted in it ending.Her aunt Sylvia was also an "bitch" to her.

Monica was at thanksgiving and was introuduced to Chandler Bing by Ross.He and Ross were talking and Chandler called Monica fat.Monica was upset and went on an diet to prove Chandler wrong.During an christmas party,Ross accidently kissed Monica,Although they do not know this.In another thanksgiving,Monica had accidently cut off Chandler's toe,And when about to replace it,Monica had an carrot instead of an toe.


Monica was an complete clean freak and always wanted to have things her way.However,When she was in love with someone,She tried to take that personality on the other side.


Monica and Rachel were close friends when they were younger,But the two lost contact when school was over.When she ran into Rachel by chance,Monica had said to Chandler,"Ten Bucks says that i never see that woman again in my life".When Rachel had ran to Monica for help after running away from her wedding,Monica had offered her as an roomate.

Rachel and Monica had an good friendship,As they told each other their secrets.This was evidenced when Rachel tried to prove Monica was sleaping with Chandler,But heard that Monica felt bad about not telling Monica about them.

Near the end,Rachel had gotten an job in Paris,And Monica and Rachel said an tearful goodbye.However,Ross and Phoebe fled to the airport to stop Rachel boarding the plane.It was also evidenced that Rachel,Along with the others,Had the spare key to her apartment.


Phoebe was at first Monica's roomate,But every night,She had sneaked one object out everynight to not be seen.This was because Phoebe could not stand Monica's obsession over cleaning.However,Phoebe and Monica were best friends,As Phoebe said that would not happen if she continued to live with her.

Also,Phoebe had been asked if she,Rachel and Monica were lesbians,Who would date.Phoebe had said Rachel,Causing an fight between Phoebe,Monica and Rachel.Near the end,Phoebe had chosen Monica to sort out her wedding,But she was too competative,Which reached to Phoebe fireing Monica.Phoebe,Along with the others,Have a spare key to Monica's apartment.


Monica had an crush on Joey when he first moved in at Chandler's.When she invited him for a drink,He took this that she wanted to have sex with him,And Monica told him the truth.The two promised never to tell anyone.Monica had treated Joey as an child when she was giving jam out.

When Joey found out about Monica and Chandler dating,He promised to keep the secret,But the truth was out when Rachel and Phoebe had accidently found out about Monica and Chandler.Near the end,Joey was upset that Phoebe was married,Monica and Chandler were moving away and Rachel was going to Paris.He,Along with everyone else,Had the spare key to Monica's apartment.


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