Amy Green is the elder sister of

Rachel and Jill Green.She is the more spoilt and bitter one.She first apeared in The One With Rachel's Other Sister and last apeared in The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits.She is potrayed by Chrisstina Applegate.

Early LifeEdit

During their childhood,Amy and her sisters had gotten anything they wanted,Even though their father Leonard had favoured Jill the best.During somepoint,She had met Monica and Ross Geller,Who she claimed Monica to follow Rachel life an puppy and does not even know who Ross is.At somepont,She had her lips done.She also decorated her fathers office at some pont.

Reunited with RachelEdit

Amy had came to Rachel's to borrow hair straightners and found out she is an aunt to Emma Geller Green,Although she thinks Phoebe Buffay is Emma and that Emma is either called "Emmett" or "Emily".She and Rachel had fought and Chandler Bing had sorted them out.

Amy later returned and said to Rachel she was marrying some old man for his money.Rachel had given Emma to Amy for babysitting,But Amy got Emma's earspeirced.Amy and Rachel later made up when they talked about how Jill had gotten fat the last time Rachel saw her.

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